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Vision and Ethos

Everyone learns
Everyone leads
Everyone matters

Our vision and ethos

We prioritise time spent within a stimulating and quality environment, and this often means time spent outside the classroom in specially adapted outdoor spaces for learning.

We prioritise reading as both a means and an end in itself. We know that reading is the skill that unlocks so much of learning, but our focus on reading is to inspire an enthusiastic love of reading for its own sake too.

We prioritise the monitoring of progress without pressuring children, as this is key to consistently delivering good levels of attainment and achievement in all areas of the curriculum.


Colby school is committed to being a healthy and safe school. A huge emphasis is placed on developing our children's physical and mental well-being. We provide nutritious meals and fun and welcoming wrap-around care. 

We have a very active and wide-ranging sporting life and seek to inspire all our children to reach for the highest levels of personal achievement and development in whichever activities they enjoy.

We work together

All pupils are given opportunities to make positive contributions to school life and the community. We believe this underpins values of inclusivity, democracy, the rule of law, liberty, and respect and tolerance.

We aim to strengthen the relationships between the school’s stakeholders by expanding the forums for communication between pupils, parents, staff, governors and the community.

We work collaboratively with other schools to find creative solutions for challenges, thinking about how to improve, so our school is better than before.

These are the core values we hold dear and which guide how we do things here at Colby School:

With happiness

We all know that people do their best when they are happy and enthusiastic. We aim to create a safe and inclusive journey that supports physical and emotional wellbeing. We believe childhood should be treasured and enjoyed and, here at Colby, you will always hear laughter and see excitement.

With ambition

Confidence and enthusiasm can allow children to take control of their learning and allow them to create the lives they want. We encourage everyone to take a chance, learn from mistakes and celebrate success.

With kindness

The school motto is to treat others as we wish to be treated. We celebrate individuality and diversity, making sure everyone is heard.

Through teamwork

By working together, families and professionals, we believe that we can achieve more. Through positive personal relationships and clear communication, we can secure the best outcomes for all.

We combine these core values to create our school's ethos: 

Everyone learns

We aim to foster a lifelong love of learning. Teachers always seek out ways to provide a creative, active and fun curriculum, allowing everyone to do their best. All stakeholders believe that it is not how good we are now, or how we compare to others, but being prepared to make progress that matters.


Everyone leads

The school works together as a team: taking responsibility and being accountable; children taking charge and looking after each other; providing role models for our peers and the future leaders of Colby; pushing ourselves to find the best way to learn.

Everyone matters

Every child is unique and brings their own experiences, skills and ideas in to school. We want everyone to be safe, feel valued and able to do their best. Health and happiness are the best foundation on which to build an awesome education. At Colby we aim to prepare children for whichever path they dream of – wherever it may lead.

We treat others as we wish to be treated.

Colby motto

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