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My First Day

On your child's first day, we understand that they will be excited and perhaps a little anxious. Perhaps looking through our visual guide below will help to allay those fears and reassure them that they will have fun on their first day at 'big' school.


New Reception children will start at the same time as the other children but there will be plenty of extra staff to help for the first few mornings as the children settle. If your child is upset, please be assured that a member of staff will be on hand to support them. 

Miss Moore_edited_edited.jpg

This is Miss Moore, your new teacher


This is Rachel who will also be looking after you


This is the gate where you will come into school

This is Maddy who is a Teaching Assistant in Amber

Book Corner_edited.jpg

This is the reading area in your classroom

arts and crafts_edited.jpg

Your classroom is called Amber


This is where you can leave your bag and coat


These are the toilets


This is where you will have your lunch

outside area_edited.jpg

This is the outside Amber shelter

outside shelter_edited.jpg

This is Amber outdoor play area

teddies from amber_edited.png

The toys have been washed ready for you to come and play

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