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Art and Design

Art and Design teaching at Colby aims to stimulate creativity, imagination and inventiveness. Lessons provide the children with the skills, concepts and knowledge needed to express their own ideas and this is evident in the outstanding work that they produce.



During art lessons, children will become confident in using different media and different techniques such as drawing and painting in pencil, watercolour, chalk, charcoal and pastels and sculpting in clay. They also develop a range of craft skills including collage, printing, weaving and patterns. Children will learn to handle, move and control different equipment, tools and materials, whilst being given the freedom to experiment and innovate. They will be given the opportunity to explore colour, texture, shape, pattern, form and space in two and three dimensions and study the various qualities of different materials. A varied range of art media is offered to all children allowing them to explore their own creativity. 

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Developing knowledge

Children will explore the work of famous artists, designers and craft makers and learn to evaluate the different creative ideas and approaches used. This will further influence and inspire their own artwork which is displayed both within the classroom and on boards in the main corridors. 

How can I support my child with art?
  • Get messy

  • Use household objects creatively

  • Keep a sketch book

  • Celebrate your child's art

  • Discuss and enjoy art together

Oxford Owl has lots of tips and ideas for parents

Recycled resources for art projects

In many of our art and craft projects we use recycled materials such as plastic lids and bottle tops, cardboard tubes, boxes, lollipop sticks and textiles. During Eco Week, our Eco Hub mural was created made entirely from plastic bottle tops and marine creatures were created from litter. Junk modelling is also a popular creative activity made from a wide range of recycled materials.  

Here is the art we teach at Colby School:
  • Portraits

  • Miro

  • Colour Chaos

  • Let's sculpt

  • Lowry

  • Landscapes

  • Printing

  • Fire collages

  • African landscapes

  • Self portraits

  • Weaving

  • Sculpting 2


  • ​Rainforest chalk animals

  • Bird Collage

  • Drawing

  • Aboriginal art

  • Samuel Thomas

  • Clay sculpture

  • Animal/seascape pastel drawings

  • Greek vases

  • Egyptian death masks

  • Mehndi

  • Anglo Saxon/Viking art

  • Gaudi

  • Fish sculptures

  • Plants and flowers

  • Picasso

  • Medieval manuscripts

  • Vivian Westwood/British designers and fashion.

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