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Like most schools nationally, we have a number of children absent with Covid-19. We are continuing with all our usual Covid-19 mitigations to avoid in-school transmission: additional cleaning, hand washing and ventilation. Children have been fantastic at doing all they can to help, including wrapping up warm - thank you for continuing to send them in to school in plenty of layers. 

Please continue to help us keep cases down by testing your children if they have symptoms and following government guidance if they test positive. Please note, a number of children have tested positive for Covid-19 recently with headaches, stomach complaints or general fatigue as their only symptoms. Please consider giving your child a Lateral Flow Test if they are unwell, even if they do not have the classic symptoms of Covid-19. 

Some children are choosing to wear face masks - you are very welcome to send children to school with face masks if you would like. 

Please find a link below to the Department for Education guidance 'What parents and carers need to know about early years' providers, schools and colleges (updated 20 January 2022).

Crowd with Masks
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