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At Colby we place great emphasis on pupil leadership, allowing our children to take responsibility for aspects of our school and be given roles tailored to their interests and what they want to achieve during their time at Colby. Whether a child chooses to apply for Head of House, Head of Grounds, Head of Sport, Head of Little People or take a role in the School Council or Eco Council, there are a wide range of opportunities for each child to embrace and flourish in those roles. 

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Head Girl and 
Head Boy

Two pupils from Year 6 are chosen each year to represent the school at the highest level.

Congratulations to Sadie and Jack who are our Head Girl and Head Boy for this year. Their letters to Mrs Mead demonstrate why they were chosen for these leadership positions.


To Mrs Mead,

I would like to be Head Girl because it is a great opportunity for me later in my school experience.  I also would make a great leader.  I am very helpful in any situation.

I would make a great leader because I am very sporty, kind, reasonable and clever.  I know I would be a great Head Girl.  I would love to take on all the important responsibilities and try to be an amazing Head Girl.

I have always looked up at the Head Boys and Girls, now I could be one.  I think it would be amazing in the assemblies reading out the Headteacher Awards; welcoming the new students or teachers, showing how amazing and awesome Colby School is.  I have thought about being a Year Six and having the opportunity to be Head Girl. (I got quite excited sometimes.)

Thank you for sparing some time and reading this letter.  I hope you had a great summer holiday.

Kind regards,


Dear Mrs Mead, 

I am writing because I would love to apply for the position of Head Boy. I have enjoyed my time at Colby and in my last year I would like to have the chance to pay a bigger part in ensuring that Colby is the best it can be.  I have been on School Council twice and have loved communicating ideas with teachers and pupils.  I think I would be really good because I am hard working and enthusiastic.  I like to talk to people and share my ideas as well as listen to others.

I am a good team leader because I captained my cricket and rugby team, and have helped teachers at school in tag rugby.  I would be really happy to get up and talk to everyone is assembly because when I am cricket and rugby captain, I have to discuss tactics and ideas with my team and coaches.  

I am well mannered and polite and would be able to set a goo example to younger children.

My three biggest strengths are:

  • reliable

  • hard working

  • I never give up

The thing I would like to achieve is making sure that everyone can find something that they like to do at school.  For me it is sport because it makes me fit, healthy and happy.

I have learnt from a rugby All Blacks book: ‘Be a good ancestor, adding to the legacy of a great time.’

I hope you enjoyed my letter.



Colby's award winning Buddy scheme allows our youngest children to partner with an older child to act as their friend and mentor while they settle into school life.


School Council

Our School Council is made up of representatives from each year and offers children of all ages the opportunity to have a say in what goes on in our school. Members of the School Council organise various events and activities in school as well as fundraising for ideas and projects that they have chosen.

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Eco Council

The School's Eco Council play an important role in raising awareness and encouraging participation in a wide of eco initiatives and projects. As well as overseeing the school's Eco Policy, they lead litter picking and recycling events, talk to individual classes and the whole school during Assembly about green issues, run our Eco Workshops with visiting schools and fundraise for eco projects.

Animal Care

As well as creating habitats and caring for wildlife in our garden and playing field, Colby School has a range of animals that we take care of and all children are encouraged to help look after them. 


House Leaders

House Leaders are chosen each academic year from our Year 6 children to represent their House and organise group activities throughout the school year. Each child in the school will join one of four Houses (Reception children will be allocated the same House as their Buddy). Our Houses are: Griffin, Phoenix, Dragon, Sphinx. 

School Council Events and Fundraising

School Council hold regular dress-up days and fundraising events to raise money for projects including non-uniform days, crazy hair days, hot dog and cake sales and selling produce from the school garden, including homemade apple juice using an apple press that they bought themselves.

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Houses: Griffin, Phoenix, Dragon, Sphinx

House Captains and Sports Leaders run regular sporting events in school. They are encouraged to organise, officiate and run these events themselves before announcing the number of House Points won in our weekly assembly.


The school also hosts a cluster teamwork event each year which allows our sports leaders and Year 6 pupils the chance to lead children from other schools.

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