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Curriculum Information

At Colby, we value the foundation blocks needed in mathematical understanding to allow children to enjoy and achieve well. The curriculum is suited to independent learners who like to challenge themselves, which is a characteristic of Colby Learners. They achieve this through open-ended tasks and learning that challenges them.  The curriculum moves clearly in its support of learning from concrete to pictorial to abstract, but allows for children to progress along this path at different speeds.  The curriculum for SEND children is very well adapted and up to date techniques including Pre teaching are used to give all learners the necessary strategies to be effective learners.

The maths curriculum aims to ensure all children understand important concepts and make connections within mathematics.  They will become fluent in number recall, including all times tables and division facts by the end of Year 4. The children are taught consistent calculation strategies that build on one another and our high quality teaching and curriculum enables each child to be ready for the next stage of learning.  We expect children to be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide efficiently, choosing their method and resources independently, whilst developing their competence in reasoning and problem solving.  When children are faced with a problem they have the understanding of which approaches are the most suitable to use and select these appropriately.

At Colby, we ensure a consistent approach so children can always build upon their existing knowledge and help recall the knowledge from their long term memory.  Children are introduced to the process of calculations through practical, oral and mental activities and as they begin to understand the underlying ideas, they develop ways of recording to support their thinking and calculation methods.  They learn to interpret and use the signs and symbols involved in a wide range of mathematical concepts and be able to select from them appropriately.  Children learn how to use models, images and resources, to support their mental and formal written methods of calculations.  Skills are taught, practised and reviewed constantly through high quality mathematics lessons, where teachers deliver a consistent approach and address misconceptions in order to deepen children’s understanding. 

The outdoor learning environment at Colby allows children to access and interpret maths in a real context.  Many maths lessons are taught outside to maximise the curriculum in a natural setting.  In Early Years children use water and sand to investigate early numbers, they mark make with chalk and build patterns using natural resources in the garden area.  In Year 1 and 2, children study graphs using natural objects and in KS2 children explore the field to help embed compass skills and positional language as well as search for 3d shapes around the building.  

Teachers utilise high quality Maths displays in the classroom to support children’s understanding of mathematical concepts and provide an easily accessible independent resource.  At Colby, the classroom environments foster an enjoyment of maths that further supports children’s understanding.  Many key concepts are displayed so that regular practice and reinforcement is available. Times tables are a key focus at set times for all children in Key Stage 1 and 2 and are taught through a variety of media, including online platforms, playing cards, dice and other manipulatives to best engage children's understanding and retention. Our Colby Pupil Leaders support their peers in practising and embedding their times table knowledge. 


For a full break down of our maths curriculum for each year group please click here.

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