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Music and Drama

What a tragedy it would be without music in primary schools. Could you imagine life without music, no singing, nothing to dance to, no nativity plays? Could you imagine listening to Jaws without the iconic music? Music is all around us and children develop an enjoyment for music from a very early age.

At Colby, Children participate in a range of musical experiences, developing an appreciation of the value of music, musical genres, rhythm and pitch, as well as performance arts. Throughout their time at Colby, children will experience listening to music from many different cultures and eras.


Music in school

Throughout their time at Colby, children are taught to play untuned and tuned instruments including Boomwhackers, glockenspiels and recorders, as well as singing



Colby School has two music teachers that work within the school to offer piano and guitar lessons. These are held in the newly renovated music room and can be timetabled within the school day.


More details can be obtained from the school office. 

The school also offers choir, handbells and recorders as After School Clubs.

Big Sing virtual.png

The Big Sing

Colby School are part of the Norfolk Music Hub and take past in various events that the Hub provides including being part of the Big Sing as well as having whole class instrumental classes provided to Year 4 children.


Harvest Festival, Remembrance Service, Christmas Play and Nativity

Throughout the year, children have the opportunity to take part in various performances including Harvest Festival, Remembrance and Christmas productions. We also hold an annual Talent Show where many children choose to showcase their musical talents. As well as this, various Music Clubs happen during lunchtimes or as part of an After School Club. 

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