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Information Technology

We now live in an ever changing technological age which has allowed the world to achieve many exciting things.  Could you imagine the world without the life saving medical machinery we have?  What about the World Wide Web?  The digital age is an exciting era to be in and the future ideas that we thought were impossible, are starting to become a reality through the use of technology.  Our children are a part of this future and at Colby, we feel that computing will help our children make sense of the future world by becoming confident, creative and independent learners.


As the technological age changes, we regularly look at our computing curriculum and aim to make it as relevant and up to date as possible. We want the children to be able to use a wide variety of technologies and programs that they will be able to use in cross-curricular subjects as well as in everyday life. Our curriculum allows for a deep understanding of computing and enables the children to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. These skills alongside computational thinking (analytical problem solving) are the main fundamentals that allow our pupils to become the confident, responsible, competent and creative learners we want them to be. Once the children have developed these skills, they can apply them across other areas of the curriculum.

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